Hourly Rates: Alternate Fee Arrangement for All Practices

Workload Billing Categories Defined:

Rates will vary depending on whether the service is requested during a Light, Ordinary, or Heavy Workload Time as defined below:

For fixed time-slot appointments, you can choose on the scheduling tool which category to book and the time-slots available will vary depending on which type you select, as certain dates will be blacked out for light and/or ordinary workload appointments, and the number of appointments per day permitted is capped for light and ordinary types (light cap is lower than ordinary).  The rate you are billed for services associated with that appointment (for the higher of scheduled time reserved or actual time spent) will be based on the type of appointment you select.

For backend (review, research, and drafting at flexible/discretionary times I will bill you at the LIGHT workload rate unless prior to performing the service I notify you that the timeframe needed or requested will require me to perform the work during a time, and you instruct me to proceed with your legal matter during such time, that an Ordinary or Heavy Workload rate will apply.  Generally, I intend to base the workload time on whether the expected time for your hourly task, the sum of time spent in a week on other self-employment, any future other employment, health care appointments, and expected transit time incidental to the above, exceeds the weekly thresholds.  In such an event, if I expect (doing the work then) a total of 41-60 hours per week, I'll generally bill the work  at the rate for Ordinary Workload timeframe, and if I expect (doing the work then) a total of more than 60 hours per week, I'll generally bill the work at the rate for Heavy Workload timeframe.

Hourly Rates: Alternate Fee Arrangement for All Practices

Hourly Rates: Alternate Fee Arrangement for All & Misc Areas

If Available and Agreeable in Exceptional Circums.

In-Person or In-Court Appearances in Iowa:

Travel Prep Time & Door-to-Door Transit Time from/to My Residence in Mountain View, CA to/from Lodging Near Location: Ordinary Hourly Rate from Above, Plus Airfare, 

Lyft/Uber/Cab Fare During Entire Trip, and Reasonable Lodging Costs; Plus, Personal Relocation Stipend Fee of:

6+ Week Notice of Travel Dates: $100 per day I am away from home.

2-5 Week Notice of Travel Dates: $200 per day I am away from home.

2-13 Day Notice of Travel Dates: $300 per day I am away from home.

Emergency (< 48-Hour Notice) Travel: $500 per day I am away from home;

Plus, Hourly Fee Billed for In Person Appearance Services During Greater of Scheduled Time Plus 1 Hour Margin or Actual Time: 

During Light Workload Time: $275/hour ($2,500 Minimum Per Trip).

During Routine Workload Time: $375/hour ($3,500 Minimum Per Trip).

During Heavy Workload Time: $475/hour ($4,500 Minimum Per Trip).

Workload Category Will Be Identified When Trip is Arranged.

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