About Benjamin Kohn, Principal Attorney at Kohn Law Offices:

Jurisdictions Presently Licensed to Practice Law: Iowa

My Uniform Bar Exam Score Meets Exam Requirements for All UBE Jurisdictions, Though Present Licensure is Limited to Above.

Jurisdictions Actively Seeking License: California (2/2020 California Bar Exam In Progress) (All Other Admission Requirements Satisfied).

Physical Location: Mountain View, CA

Jurisdictions Where In-Person and In-Court Services Presently Ordinarily Offered: None

Jurisdictions Where Statewide Remote Virtual Office Unbundled Services and Limited-Scope Representation in Court E-filing, Email/Written, and/or Telephonic or Videoconference Format Presently Offered: Iowa

I have a very diverse, yet practical, skill set and range of expertise, which allows me to take a cross-functional and interdisciplinary approach to all services I render.  From Data Science, Game Theory, and Statistical Risk Management Guided Decision Sciences, to Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)-enhanced communication and advocacy skills, to a strong comprehension of business, corporate finance, and technology, I possess a broad breadth of skills.  Additionally, as I'm a newly minted attorney starting out, my fees will be highly competitive.  Hourly and Fixed Fee plans are available, and my Hourly Rate starts at just $60/hour, varying based on present workload and schedule at the time I am engaged for the timeslot or timeframe requested, turnaround time needed, and whether the service is flexible backend (review, drafting, research, etc.) or at a fixed timeslot on my schedule.

I decided to go to law school upon taking a business law course while studying business as my major in college, and upon graduating from college with my Bachelors in Business Administration in 2015 I attended the University of Iowa College of Law, often ranked in the Top 10% of ABA Accredited Law Schools, from which I graduated with my J.D. in May 2018.  Upon graduation, to be near my family and primary health care providers I moved back to my hometown of Mountain View, CA in the Silicon Valley part of the San Francisco Bay Area.  I received my license to practice law in Iowa September 20, 2019, and now practice as a solo practitioner attorney remotely offering unbundled legal services to Iowa clients statewide in transactional law, civil small claims, and misdemeanor criminal defense practice areas.  I hold additional certifications in data and decision sciences by SJSU,  in the "Securities Industry Essentials" by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) by the Association for Integrative Psychology, and in various types of hypnotherapy by the International Association of Professional Conversational Hypnotists.  Please see my LinkedIn for more details about my qualifications.  

A particular passion of mine, offered at subsidized fixed fee rates, is assistance in contesting traffic tickets, which in Iowa (in my opinion, quite unjustly) are classified as criminal misdemeanors, the payment of which would result in a guilty plea and the lifelong collateral consequences of a public misdemeanor conviction.

Practice Areas

Business Transactional Services (Hourly Rates or as Fixed Fee Determined Upon Intake Consult):

  • Business Entity Selection Strategy (Tax, Liability, Governance) Advisory and Incorporation for Startups.
  • Business Entity Selection Strategy (Tax, Liability, Governance) Advisory and Reorganization for Small Businesses.
  • Custom Contract Review, Drafting, and/or Editing for Small Businesses and Individuals.
  • Cross-Functional Business Management and Compliance Consulting For Businesses of All Sizes.

Limited-Scope Representation Civil Litigation:

  • Unbundled Service Packages for Plaintiffs and Add-On Services.  (Fixed Fees Available).
  • Unbundled Service Packages for Defendants and Add-On Services.  (Fixed Fees Available).

OWI / DUI, Public Intoxication, and Traffic Ticket (All Scheduled Traffic Violations are Misdemeanors in Iowa!) Criminal Defense Services and Limited Scope Representation:

  • OWI / DUI Emergency Late Night/Afterhours Phone Consultations
  • Numerous Fixed Fee and Hourly Services Available in Packages with Add-Ons for Defending or Responding to DUI/OWIs, Public Intox, and Traffic Violations.


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